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Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi & English 140 Words

Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi English 140 Words
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Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi & English 140 Words

Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi English 140 Words

Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi English 140 Words

So, Enjoy the collection of Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi & English 140 Words. We have created ultimate collection for you so that you can get all the SMS related to Hug Day at one place.

Happy Hug Day 2017 SMS in Hindi & English 140 Words


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1. You belong with me.

2. Sending you a hug to say you are special.

3. one day someone will hug you so tight. that all your broken pieces will stick back together.

4. In your arms I feel so great the warmth the love best place is in that state love me kiss me hug me.

5. hugs don’t need new equipment, special batteries or parts just open up your arms and open up your hearts.

6. a hug is a great gift one size fits all, and its easy to exchange. HUGS – PASS IT ON!

7. Sending you a very big hug from me! Happy hugs just for you.

8. Hug certificate- send this to all of your friends that you think deserve a hug. Including the person who sent it to you.

9. a hug is a great gift, its fits to all , it can be given for any occasion and it is easy to exchange.

10. Happy hug day- a hug makes everything better than 1000 words.

11. Happy hug day- sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words.

12. a hug delights and warms and charms, that why God gave us arms.

13. this hug will make you feel so good!, can you feel it? I knew you could!

14. I love you more today, than I did yesterday, but not as much as, I will tomorrow, Happy Hug Day.

15. a hug is a handshake from the heart. Happy hug day.

16. I never forget your hugs and kisses.

17. I feel aroma of love spreading all over when- I am in your arms!

18. A big warm hug wrapped with all my love – just for you! It’s hug day!

19. Happy hug day- no matter where you are I’ll always find my way to? Hug you tight and shower you with my huges.

20. I need a hug, please.

21. there is a warm hug where you are a shoulder I can lean on tenderness, warmth, smile, happiness in short, where you are there is everything I can dream of- wishing my sweety a beautiful and joyful – HUG DAY.

22. It’s hug a bear day, but you are so adorable, that you are worth a hug, today and every single day.

23. Hug is the loving gift that no money, and can be distributed for free to make the love grow. Love you honey.

24. A hug is a handshake from the heart. so always remain close to my heart. Happy hug day.

25. You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a Hug!where there is a love there is life.

26. It’s sweet, it’s warm, it’s here, it’s a big Hug, with lots of love from a heart that beats just for you.

27. Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given without taking it back That is why I give you hug which can’t be giving without taking it back.

28. Let me live and die in your arms. Just like this, let me continue to Love you. Let me live and die in your arms.

29. Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today, Because when you give one, you get one right back your way.

30. Sometimes a hug is all you need.

31. Hug me when I’m there, miss me when I’m not, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.

32. I’m sending you this hug IT’S FREE! A special hug for you FROM ME!

33. A hug is not hug till it is warm and little tight Give and take a hug, it’s your birthright. It conveys the affection which you hold inside So let’s hug before it’s banned outright!

34. Love is a circular emotion that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a noose.

35. I didn’t tackle him. I gave him a flying hug. Sometimes love is up in the air until it hits you.

36. A windmill has arms, but does not hug. Where’s the love?

37. My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me.

38. Love is a peaceful feeling, like a flower hugging a butterfly.

39. And if you see me, smile and maybe give me a hug. That’s important to me too.

40. Once the bear’s hug has got you, it is apt to be for keeps.

41. Plunder is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit.

42. I love hugging people. I still hug everybody in my meet-and-greet lines.

43. I like pencil skirts because they hug me in all the right places.

44. You know, food is such – it’s a hug for people.

45. If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you.

46. My kids don’t watch my movies. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.

47. I had embraced you long before i hugged you.

48. We all have to have something to hold on to, even if it’s our own torso.

49. A hug a day keeps the bad boys away.

50. Hug while you can. Happy Hug Day!

51. I want to stay curled and chocolate forever in my mother’s arms.

52. I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.

53. A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.

54. To be honest, I think I’d become a bit selfish with memories of my father. I wanted to hug them close to me.

55. Laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching.

56. Children are not unforgiving. You can punish them and they will hug you in a few minutes.

57. Hug the shore; let others try the deep.

58. I have a kind heart, I’m in love. It gets deeper with every kiss and every hug.

59. If I see my fans crying, I just want to give them a hug and tell them I love them.

60. When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.

61. We smile but I want more. I want her to hug me.

62. It breaks my heart that I don’t see my daughters every day, don’t get to hug them and brush their hair.

63. The good part of having six kids is, there’s always one who wants to hug you and say, Daddy, I love you.

64. Hug me. Hug me. Hug me. Happy Hug Day!

65. Laughing together is as close as you can get to a hug without touching.

66. “A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.

67. People I’ve never spoken to before come up to me and give me a hug.

68. Be the first to hug and you will be the most to be the hugged.

69. I couldn’t remember anyone hugging me like that before.

70. I never realized the warmth of his hug, until he was not around when I need it. ‘Oh Dad! I miss you.’

71. Love is not complicated—just smile, hug, kiss, be kind, and repeat.

72. I hug employees all the time. I’m a huge contact person. Touch is an incredibly important part of the human condition.

73. A hug makes you feel good all day.

74. She gave her a long embrace, like pie baking in the warmth of an oven.

75. Hug your customers but also offer handshake to your competitors.

76. Hug your love and friends , Happy hug day!

77. A warm Hug to say – Happy Hug Day!

78. Even though I’m away, in my heart I’m right by your side. and here’s a Hug from me to say, I love you lots sweetheart!

79. Happy Hug Day- Hug me tight, so that nobody can take you from me!

80. We meet it was Luck! we talked it was Chance! We became friend it was Destiny! We are still friends it is faith! We will always be friends it’s a Promise!

81. Hug me or I shall destroy you!

82. I’M sending you a tight Hug with lots of love, Happy Hug day my dear!

83. Sometimes all I need is someone to hug me tight and refuse to let me go until I feel all better.

84. Happy hug day my friends – FREE HUGS!

85. Sweet! Today is Hug Day!

86. Happy Hug Day -I am all yours!

87. Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.

88. sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person, and all your stress will melt away.

89. If she’s crying don’t say anything. Just Hug her.

90. It’s hug day and just hugged you in my thoughts, hope you felt the squeeze!

91. On Hug day, I got one big super duper hug waiting here for you!

92. I promise tp love you forever! Happy Hug Day!

93. When my heart calls you and in my imagination, I am holding you I want to Hug you forever. when I have that special moment with you, My love begins to flourish and when my body touches you, I want to hug you forever. Wish you very happy hug day.

94. Stay with me, you are my life, happy hug day!

95. In life love is neither planned nor does it happen for a reason but when the love is real it becomes your plan for life and reason for living.

96. Keep calm and Hug me and don’t let go.

97. A hug says all, Keep hugging, HAPPY HUG DAY!

98. friendship is sweet when it is new, and it is sweeter when it is true, but you know what? its sweetest when it is you!


100. Hug you tight No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to? Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses, I love only you! Have a beautiful Hug day!


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